Politics & Terror (Paris & Beirut)

I don’t understand why people get mad about all the support France is getting these days?!
Though what I do understand and agree to, is that the deaths of the people in France aren’t more important than the deaths of the people in Beirut, or Baghdad, or anywhere else.


It is a shame that news reports mostly only talks about the terror attack in France, and not the other terror attacks occurring just days before. But remember, familiarity sells, and news reporters have to “sell” their stories. If something bad happens in an area we have little knowledge of, it unfortunately don’t catch much attention, and people try not to think about it, to avoid feeling guilty about their lives. But if something happens in the western world, the world we are so familiar with, it automatically becomes much more of a concern. Because, if it happens in France, who’s to say it won’t happen in Germany, England, America? They are attacking something that we assume is safe. While a bomb in Iraq would get the reaction, oh, it’s sad, but that’s what happens in wars.

But don’t blame me for the little support these other terror attacks are getting in the media. I just want to show support to France, my fellow European country. Show them that we feel their pain, just like the world showed us their support after the attack in 2011.

I honestly don’t feel like I can comment on the situation down in the middle east. Not because I don’t find it sad that so many people have to lose their life in the battle for freedom. But because I don’t know enough about who’s who. I don’t know any details in who is doing what. Just like in so many wars before, people that seem to be the “good guys” might not be good, just a lesser evil.

But one thing I do know! We, as human beings have to STOP accusing each other. We have to stop hating each other! So what if ISIS is Muslim based, think about the (I guess at least) 99% kind Muslims out there, that would have nothing to do with terror! Think back in time, there’s being waged war in the name of religion long before Islam. We Christians didn’t exactly spread our faith angel wings, but rather with violence. There is always going to be powerful people using religion, or politics, or any other excuse they can think of, to wage wars.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all known as Abrahamic religions, meaning that they all worship they same God, and have the Prophet Abram in a founding role. The three religions all believe that God and humans should communicate with each other. Even though God’s communication to man through prophets is different in each of the religions, they all seem to be based in the same. That you should treat others, as you wish to be treated.

Now, let us mix in even more religion. Looking at Hinduism and Buddhism, we can find this same basic “belief”. Hindus and Buddhists both believe in Karma, the law of case and effect, where each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.

I think we can all agree that Karma, and “treating others the way you want to be treated” are basically the same.

All of these religions teaches love for one another. They don’t mention hate or violence.
Don’t blame believers of any religion, for the thoughts and wrongdoings of extremists, whom hide behind religion as an excuse for violence.


I’m sorry. The topic got me a little worked up. I would love to hear your opinions about the different topics brought up in my rant. =)


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